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About Us

Valley Dream Homes LLC aspires to improve the standard of living for the Central Valley community, by slowly rejuvenating old neighborhoods and improving the overall quality of housing for residents.

This started as our dream to support, help and take care of our own family. With a wish to assist homeowners into taking care of their own.

Ester Flores

Co-owner and CEO.

Ester is the face of our company, she is welcoming, heart-warming and loves to network. Her expertise in problem solving allows us to offer wide variety of solutions for any real estate situation. 

Bakri Dabbagh

Co-owner and CFO.

Bakri is our behind the scenes financing specialist. His passion for numbers, market analysis, budgeting and book keeping make our deals strong. 

He will be on top of any rehab project.

Vania Flores

Marketing and social media manager.

Vania is the virtual face of our company, posting and reaching out through our social media. She will guide our interior design concepts and supervise our rehabs.

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